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Seven Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet cleaning is very important to ensure its quality is maintained. Carpet cleaning also ensures that the occupants of a house or office reap benefits such as better air quality. Cleaning of carpets has to be done in a proper and professional manner. There are many myths that are being passed along on how to clean your carpet nowadays. These end up doing more harm to your carpet. These myths include:

Myth #1

It is a misconception that vinegar can clean carpets. It is often suggested that people can use vinegar as a natural method to clean carpets. Vinegar is not able to remove any stains from your carpet. It can, however, disinfect it.

Using vinegar and baking soda will also not help in stain removal. Eventually, you will end up having a hard time trying to remove the paste that will be formed by these two. Mixing vinegar and baking soda can also lead to the formation of peracetic acid which can cause skin irritation. This acid can also lead to complications in breathing.

Myth #2

There is a myth about how vacuuming your carpet is bad for it. Vacuuming is not bad. Vacuuming, in fact, is good for your carpet. Once you vacuum your carpet, you are able to suck out up to 80 percent of dirt within it.

Needless to say, the carpets that are being developed these days have the ability to withstand vacuuming. It is therefore important for one to vacuum clean his or her carpet at least once a week. For high traffic areas such as office receptions, this has to be done on a daily basis.

Myth #3

Using hair spray to clean your carpet is another myth that is being peddled around. Hair spray is specifically made for hair. At no point should it be used in carpet cleaning.

Spraying it onto a carpet will leave a residue. This will, in turn, lead to the attraction of dirt and contaminants. This hapens if the residue is not done away with. Hair spray eventually leads to your carpet getting permanently damaged.

Myth #4

New carpets need not be cleaned is a myth. When a carpet is new, it is designed to be able to hide stains better. A carpet may consequently be dirty while it still looks clean. It is advisable for a carpet to be cleaned in every 6 to 12 months. This has to be done by a professional.

Myth #5

Using water to clean your carpet may cause more harm than good. It is oftentimes considered that water is the best carpet cleaner. This is not entirely true.

Using water to clean stains on a carpet may end up making them permanent. When it is used on acidic stains, it leads to them spreading on the carpet. Club soda or seltzer water should be used in the place of regular water.

Myth #6

Dish soap should not be used to clean carpets. Recommendations made that it can be used to remove stains are false. It is specifically made to remove food, grease and grim from dishes.

At no point should one use it on a carpet. Soap dish should be rinsed after its application to dishes. There is no way of rinsing a carpet after applying dish soap onto it. Application of dish soap that is mixed with water only makes a stain worse than it was before.

Myth #7

High alkaline solutions are not good for a carpet. They cause serious damage to it. Ammonia should not be used to clean a carpet. There is misinformation that it can be used in carpet cleaning.

This solution is toxic. It can lead to respiratory problems when then fumes it emits are inhaled. This may lead to serious health issues after the inhalation of toxic fumes.

There are very many myths that surround the cleaning of carpets. When one decides to follow these myths, he or she may end up permanently damaging a carpet. Stains are also not dealt with properly when these myths are followed. Respiratory problems may also emerge from the use of toxic cleaning agents.

Consulting a professional carpet cleaning company is recommended for the best results. One needs to hire a professional in order for him or her to ensure that a carpet is properly cleaned. This ensures that no stains are left on it. Toxic residues are also done away with.





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