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4 Tips on How Clean Your Carpet

Have you been struggling with an irritating stain on your carpet? It doesn’t matter the kind of stain on your carpet, the fact remains that you’ll have to thoroughly clean your carpet. Although carpet cleaning sounds like a time-consuming chore, given the proper attention and care as well as the right equipment, cleaning your carpet can be efficiently done.

All the dust and dirt that has accumulated over time can be eventually cleared out, along with any kind of stain that may be hidden beneath your rug. If you’ve been wondering how the hassle can be removed from cleaning your carpet, then you’re in the right place. The 4 tips explained below on how to properly clean your home carpet and make your life easier. However, if any of these methods feels impossible for you, you can always call a professional carpet cleaning team who can provide you with even better and good-quality services.

Frequent Vacuum Cleaning

Although we all know that the first thing to do when you start cleaning your carpet is to go for your vacuum cleaner, there’s one thing you’ll require to do before you begin vacuuming. Check out if there any things left lying around such as shoes, papers, stray toys, stray buttons, coins and any other kind of item that can get in the way while vacuuming. These kind of objects could get sucked up into your vacuum cleaner and bring harm. It would actually be better if you’d use a broom and sweep around first, prior to vacuuming.

While vacuuming, ensure you begin with the harder places to reach. Randomly vacuuming your carpet isn’t the quickest way to do it. First, move your vacuum cleaner up and down. Then, repeat the process but moving the cleaner side to side. This method helps in loosening the twisted fibers allowing you to clean up even more dirt. How frequently you clean your carpet entirely depends on you and the amount of dirt in your carpet. However, it’s advised to vacuum clean at least once a week.

Spot Cleaning

This is the process involved in cleaning up a certain region of the carpet that may have a fresh stain. While doing this, it’s advised that you utilize a white clean cloth that is neither dyed nor has any kind of patterns. This is because dyed or patterned cloths may deteriorate things by spreading the stain rather than getting rid of it. It’s also acceptable to make use of paper towels with no patterns.

Although a lot of times carpet cleaners are labelled as ‘all purpose’, it’s of great importance to actually understand which is the most suitable for you. Before buying, carefully read the labels and check out for the cleaners that state the specific problems you’re searching for. You can test in a small hidden area on your carpet just to see its effects. After cleaning, it’s crucial that you completely dry the area. You can invest on a carpet dryer for faster results.

Carpet Shampooing

Just like with vacuum cleaning, you’ll first need to get your room ready for cleaning by removing all the furniture and sweeping around. To get a shampooing machine, check out the various grocery stores or hardware that rent out or sell one. These machines are built with heating cores within them that assist in maintaining the water hot.

There are a few necessary precautions and planning strategies you’ll need while cleaning as well as the right procedure. After properly cleaning you can dry your carpet by opening windows or doors, turning on your AC, using carpet dryers, blowers, fans or any alternative method.

Preventing Future Accidents

There are several ways you can prevent the unavoidable accidents. If you can soon contain the messes and accidents, then you’re nearly done in preventing long-lasting damage. When you detect a stain on your carpet, act on it immediately. For the colored liquids make use of a plain white cloth for cleaning. Avoid scrubbing from side to side. Instead, make use of up and down motions. Use a vacuum cleaner for the small regions of dust and dirt. For solid things such as chewing gum, use ice or a blunt knife.

A dirt-free and clean carpet can change your home’s appearance. When things are clean, we feel better and we’re also encouraged to maintain things clean.





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